Woman Responds To Unsolicited Dick Pic By Sending It To His Mom

Rebecca Mcgregor from Aberdeen in Scotland is a photographer and boudoir model. Judging by the disclaimer on her Instagram page that reads “do not ask for/send me nudes,” she gets a lot of creeps sending her unsolicited pictures. 

So last week, she decided to put an end to it. How? By setting an example. After a guy named Glenn sent her one such picture, Mcgregor was able to track down his mother on Facebook, and decided to let her know that her son was harassing random woman on the internet. 

“Are you tired of unsolicited dick pics from creeps?” Mcgregor asked on Facebook. “Unwanted vulgar chat from strangers you’ve never spoken to? Take my approach, screenshot it and send it to their MA.”

Mcgregor goes on to clarify that just because she does boudoir photography and modeling, it “does NOT mean I’m ‘asking’ to be sexually harassed,” because apparently some men don’t realize that. 


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