What These Teens Did For Their Friend Who Survived A Brutal Mugging Is Inspiring

This is Ayman Arafa. He’s a 17-year-old college student from Dallas, Texas.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Ayman says that he was going to meet someone through OfferUp to buy an iPhone 7 Plus. 

And because the world is full of scumbags, Ayman was mugged of both his phone and his car.

After his phone was stolen, a second group of people allegedly approached Ayman pretending like they sympathized with him and offered to help. They walked him to his car and ended up stealing that, too. Apparently, they were friends of the original robbers.

Ayman’s still recovering from his injuries. The incident’s been reported as attempted murder to the police.

Ayman’s friends were shaken by the incident and started thinking of ways they could help their brother out. So they decided to replace everything he had lost.

That’s right: They got him a new phone, a new car, and $400.

One of Ayman’s close friends, Waleed Mahdawi, said that him and about a dozen other friends, who are mostly college students, made such a grand gesture to send a strong message: that love, brotherhood, and generosity will always trump hate.

As were other people on Twitter.

And of course people had jokes about the whole thing, especially wondering where they can get good friends like Ayman’s crew.

Pretty slick way to capitalize on a truly kind gesture. (h/t buzzfeed)


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