This Hot Pakistani Doctor Is Looking For A Room And Now The Internet's So Thirsty

When 26-year-old medical student and hot-dude-with-full-head-of-hair-extraordinaire Rehan Munir posted on the Facebook page Gypsy housing looking for a room in NYC, people responded almost immediately.

And it’s not just because New York City is full of kind and friendly souls, either. It’s because people were thirsting for the dude…like…a lot.

Not only is he a hot doctor but get this: he’s a professional model too. I know. He’s pretty much been lifted out of a crappy romance novel — except it’s real life, so it’s not crappy.

He’s also a commercial actor.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Munir says that finding affordable housing in NYC has been quite a challenge as he’s a resident at Mt. Sinai Hospital and is making that bottom-dollar resident money.

Munir was floored by the number of responses he received to his post and already has a few leads, thanks to a bunch of blogs picking it up. 

If you’re thirsting for Munir, well, you’re gonna have to get in line and wait until he’s done with his residency. He is single, but he isn’t looking to shack up with anyone just yet. 

So you’ll just have to crush on him from afar in the meantime. Maybe he can leverage all the new Instagram followers he’s getting for some sponsorships and afford a better place in New York?


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