This Engaged Couple Met In Preschool And They've Been In Love Ever Since

If you want to believe that love at first sight exists, then look no further than this newly engaged couple.

They shared their story on the Instagram account The Way We Met, which compiles touching stories of couples from all over the Internet.

The man who penned the post shared side-by-side pictures of him and his main squeeze, Laura, then and now.

He also gave a detailed account of one of his earliest childhood memories: a bold preschool classroom announcement.

He went on to detail that the two drifted apart during elementary school and the only contact he had with her was through family Christmas card exchanges. It wasn’t until they were reunited in high school, after a mutual friend set them up together, that they reconnected. Two weeks later, they were dating.

They also maintained a long-distance relationship while in college, and on May 23rd, 2015, he decided to pop the question to Laura in the place where it all began: their preschool classroom.


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