This Chiropractor's Advice On How To Carry A Car Seat Might Save Your Back

If you’ve ever carried a child in a car seat, I feel sorry for you. Bridge Family Chiropractic gets a lot of new moms in complaining about back pain. So many that Dr. Emily Puente of the clinic decided to share a secret with us — we’ve been holding baby carriers wrong the entire time. 

If you’ve been holding it like this, then you’re going to have a bad time. 

Here’s how Dr. Puente recommends you hold a carrier instead…

Instead of hooking her elbow, Dr. Puente slides her hand through the handle and then holds the bottom of the car seat with her hand. 

The video has been viewed 3 million times and shared by over 52,000 people, so moms seem to be loving the advice. In an update, Dr. Puente writes that the position won’t work for all car seats, and recommends consulting your doctor “prior to trying any new regimen if you would like to ensure you are fit to perform actions like the one shown here.” 


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