These Goth Lattes Redefine What 'Black' Coffee Is

You’ve heard of goth ice cream and, let’s be honest, it looks absolutely delicious. But what about goth lattes?

That’s right, you can totally get the blackest of the black coffee imaginable with these new, brutal caffeinated delights.

Technically, it’s called a charcoal latte, so don’t start playing The Sisters of Mercy just yet.

But on second thought, you totally could. It’s not like there’s anything necessarily keeping you from calling these yummy-looking cups of coffee “goth.” 

These darker than dark lattes are currently all the rage in cafes throughout England and Australia.

And as it turns out, they don’t just look cool and taste delicious – they also pack some health benefits.

Brit + Co says that ingesting activated charcoal can do wonders for helping to detox your digestive system. Which sounds like fancy talk for helping you poop healthily.

Like any self-respecting latte, these Instagrammable dark beverages are topped off with wonderful, white foam designs, giving them a very yin and yang look.

I mean look at how pretty that is. And pretty is not a word that I would usually use to describe coffee.

It could also help make a fashion statement.

Probably peering out the window, wondering why he settled for regular old boring coffee all his life.


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