Model Claims Louis Vuitton Cancelled Her Shoot For Being 'Too Fat'

Ulrikke Høyer is a model from Copenhagen in Denmark, who was recently invited to Tokyo, Japan, for a cruise show in Kyoto with Louis Vuitton. But yesterday, she took to social media to claim that Louis Vuitton had cancelled her and sent her home for “being too fat.” 

Høyer claims in a statement on Facebook that when she was measured for the show in April, her hips were 92cm. But Høyer was concerned about how small the clothing was, and attempted to cancel by saying she was sick. Høyer goes on to claim that Louis Vuitton insisted on a fitting in Paris and that after that fitting, she was confirmed for the show.  

The day before leaving, she’d actually lost some weight, with a hip size of 91.5cm. But when she arrived in Japan, Høyer went for another fitting and was allegedly told to consume nothing but water for 24 hours. She explains:

Høyer goes on to explain that her agency measured her hips when they arrived back home, and that she was still 91.5cm. She then goes on to explain her reasoning for posting her story online:

Commenters expressed their concern, with one writing:

“And it is not only one case like this! Thousands of young girls mostly teenagers, very young women struggling everyday because they thinking they are “too fat”. Having a lot of insecurities starving themselves!! This business is sick and it should be banned to lead girls to anorexia!” 


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